Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Watching the grass grow

Just a quick update with a few grabs of herbivores eating grass and it growing back.

It might not look like much but it means I can actually start filling in the gaps in the ecosystem. Herbivores now get hungry if they find themselves stuck on the grassless areas for too long. Next step is to get happy, well fed herbivores breeding while others starve to death. Not sure I can handle the responsibility...

It's also worth pointing out that these grabs were taken on an original iPad and show the 'non-A5' simpler shader mode (for 3gs, 3rd gen iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and iPad 1). I've been putting a bit of effort into getting this to look as cool as possible recently and it seems to be working pretty well.


  1. Really enjoying your work Glenn, always have :)

    I'm enjoying terrain rendering and want to eventually get a lot deeper into it.
    I was wondering if you ever plan on describing how your engine works in a blog post one day ? Or maybe I could send you a mail if I have a few questions ?
    I love the way you're using a planet to render the heightmap but have no understanding on how it works. I have tried google and reading some papers but it seems I have the mind capabilities of a 2 year old :(


    1. Sorry, I should have looked further into your blog history, all is explained there ^^