Monday, 1 August 2011

Quick Topia update

It's been a while since I've updated the blog because I've been very focused on coding recently. This screenshot shows a few new features. Grass now grows on flat surfaces and will soon be visibly eaten by some of the animals. Particles have just gone in and will get a lot cooler when I have some actual graphics...

The icon in the bottom right is part of the new experimental UI. It shows the currently selected 'single finger' mode (in this case direct control of a herd) but is also the menu itself. It's this mad gesture thing, touch the button and swipe in various directions  to select EVERYTHING, it's hard to describe but it's possible to get to any mode in a fraction of a second. I'll stop describing it, a video will make it all much clearer. Testers are liking the concept though and it really helps keep clutter off the screen.

It's also now possible to select and direct creatures. This is currently represented by coloured flames on the creature and the destination which is kind of silly but does make the game feel very dynamic. Direct control also makes it possible to coax even bigger herds into existance, which is still the nearest thing we have to a game. For now...

Under the hood we now have support for every texture format supported by iOS which is going to save memory and speed things up. The particle system has also been completely rewritten and is now significantly faster.

Video and more info about the experimental UI coming soon.

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