Sunday, 19 June 2011

Magic Carpet: Settings for High resolution

Thanks to some helpful pointers from people playing the game I managed to get Magic Carpet working in high resolution. The game was written in such a way that it doesn't handle CPU speed increases elegantly or indeed at all really (only partly my fault) so GOG have shipped it with DOSBox's 'cycles' set to 20000 which is about right for running it with the default options.

Magic Carpet in all it's foggy 640x480-with-reflections glory

If you edit dosboxMC.conf and change cycles=70000 seems about right for 640x480 with all of the useful options turned on.

Run it and the game will be way to fast in low resolution but press these keys:

R to change the resolution
F5 to turn on reflections
F6 to turn on the sky

and it seems about right. You can also press F10 for stereo mode if you have red/cyan 3D glasses but that needs even more cycles to make it playable.

ctrl-F11 lowers the cycle count
ctrl-F12 raises it

140000 seems about right for hi-res stereo mode.


  1. Cheers Glenn... Magic Carpet is my favourite of the old school PC games.
    Don't suppose there's a hack to change the draw distance now is there? ;)

  2. Is there any way to make it save settings, so it starts in high res mode, with the anti aliasing enabled? Your other post on the game also mentioned you were going to try it on Mac? Did you find that worked with the same settings? I'm getting a really poor frame rate with with these...

    Just picked it up in the Gog sale, and would love to play it in the optimum mode. Our 25MHz 486 struggled a bit back in the day.

  3. Only problem is at high res it continually crashes when lots of action is happening. The game within Dosbox crashes. (Dosbox itself is fine, you can close it with CTRL+F9) Pretty much you can't get past the 3rd level (I think 3rd?) where you first fight a handful of dragons at once. Crashed every time. I guess it's true what you said, it doesn't scale well.

    But it's fine at low resolution.